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This Free Fortnite Cosmetic Item Is Free for One More Week, Here Is How To Get It

Epic Games recently released the v23.20 update for Fortnite Battle Royale. The update has brought several new things to the popular video game, such as the Falcon Scout and the Rift Warden Stellan outfit.

It turns out that the new Fortnite character plays a big role in the Chapter 4 – Season 1 storyline. By interacting with him, players can also unlock a unique cosmetic item.

Unfortunately, Epic Games will keep this item obtainable for only one more week. The item will be removed with the release of the v23.30 update on Tuesday, January 31. This article will explain how to unlock the item.

Unlock the free Fortnite cosmetic item before it expires


Rift Warden Stellan is a Rare outfit that can be purchased from the Item Shop for 1,200 V-Bucks. Players can also purchase the bundle that contains this character, along with a few other cosmetic items.

However, it turns out that Rift Warden Stellan is much more than just a cosmetic item. This character plays a big role in the Oathbound questline and by completing these quests, players can unlock an exclusive cosmetic item.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the second part of Oathbound quests grants a loading screen, which is a limited-time item that can be obtained for free. While many players don’t care about loading screens, the truth is that this one is very special.

The loading screen contains the lobby background of Chapter 4 – Season 1 and it looks beautiful. Unfortunately, the cosmetic item can only be obtained for a limited time. More specifically, it expires on Tuesday, January 31.

Completing these quests is very easy and players can do them in the Team Rumble game mode.



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