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This Warzone 2 XP Glitch Grants Max Level in One Match

The latest Call of Duty: Warzone 2 XP glitch is amazing for gaining quick levels. The glitch has been in the video game for more than a day, yet Activision hasn’t done anything about it.

Fortunately, this means that you can use it to your advantage. If you need to level up your weapons quickly, we have prepared a simple guide that will allow you to do that. Furthermore, we will share the most effective strategy on how to use the new glitch to your advantage.

The Warzone 2 glitch may stop working at any moment. However, considering that using it is not a serious offense, you can benefit from it while it lasts.

Warzone 2 XP glitch is perfect for quick and easy levels

Leveling up in Warzone 2 can be a tedious process. While most players will reach their desired level in a few weeks, some of them have reached it in just a couple of minutes of gameplay.

Thanks to the new XP glitch, it is possible to reach the maximum level in a single match. Don’t believe it? You can try it out yourself!

The latest Warzone 2 glitch is perfect for leveling up your weapons (Image Credit: Activision)

For some odd reason, Warzone 2 grants Weapon XP while you are purchasing items from Buy Stations. Any weapon that you’re holding will receive massive amounts of XP, and therefore levels, while you are performing a purchase.

To gain the maximum level on your weapon, you simply need to collect as much cash as possible. For this, you can chain multiple Safecracker contracts and grab cash from safes.

After you have collected enough money, you should purchase Armor Plates from Buy Stations. However, don’t forget to switch to the weapon that you want to level up before buying these items.

The latest glitch allows you to level up your Warzone 2 guns rapidly (Image Credit: Activision)

With $20,000, you can buy 50 Armor Plates, which will reward you with a lot of XP. Additionally, you should bring your friends over as well. They can use the glitch themselves as well, but help you level up your weapons at the same time.

The glitch will most likely be fixed very soon. However, you can use it while it lasts since it’s the perfect opportunity to level up all of your favorite weapons.



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