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Top 5 Fortnite Augments in Chapter 4 – Season 1

Fortnite Reality Augments (Perks) are a new feature added in Chapter 4 – Season 1. These augments make the video game more interesting and diverse by letting players pick additional perks.

At the moment, there are 22 Reality Augments available in Fortnite. Players may pick four of them in a single match and need to be careful with their choices as they are permanent.

This article will list the top five Fortnite Reality Augments in the current season. We will take a look at the community votes that players submitted on the website and reveal the final ranking.

5) Tactical Armory


The Tactical Armory Fortnite Reality Augment grants a Rare Tactical Assault Rifle and Combat Shotgun. These weapons were both added in Season 9 of the popular video game and a lot of players enjoy using them.

With a score of 84.32 on the website, the augment is ranked fifth. The score indicates the percentage of players who positively rated the Reality Augment.

4) Bush Warrior

Bush camping has always been a great strategy in Fortnite Battle Royale and many players use it to get victories. Fortunately, the Bush Warrior perk makes it much easier to camp in bushes.

The augment allows players to regenerate health and partial shields inside large foliage. With it, players can get up to 100 health and 50 shield, which is why it’s not surprising that the perk has a score of 87.72.

3) Storm Mark

With a score of 89.33, Storm Mark is the third-best Fortnite Reality Augment in Chapter 4 – Season 1. This perk is extremely useful in every situation and is a must-have in the late stages of the game.

Storm Mark pings the area and highlights nearby enemies whenever the circle closes in. Every enemy in the area is outlined, which is very useful, especially when playing against campers.

2) Forecast

Forecast allows Fortnite players to see the next storm circle anytime they open the map. Whenever a circle closes in, the next two circles appear on the map, which is very useful and allows players to plan their game ahead.

This perk is a must-have if you are trying to get a victory. If you play Duos, Trios, or Squads, one player should have the Forecast perk and reveal the circle to other teammates.

As of December 26, the Forecast Reality Augment has a score of 90.65.

1) Aerialist

Back in Chapter 1, Epic Games allowed all Fortnite Battle Royale players to redeploy their gliders whenever they are falling. This was a limited-time change, which was eventually removed and replaced by the Gliders item.

Fortunately, players who enjoy redeploying their gliders are able to do so with the Aerialist perk. Due to this, it’s not surprising that the perk has received a score of 92.3 and is the best perk currently available in the video game.



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