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Top 5 Secrets In Fortnite Chapter 4 – Season 1

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 is officially live and the battle royale shooter’s playerbase is as of late snooping around the new map to find what surprises await them. The trailer for the game’s latest content even hinted at numerous new features the new chapter has to offer.

However, there are still minor details within the new map that are well hidden and could likely have a key role in the game’s latest storyline. There are so many of these to mention, but here are five of these easter eggs that might pique the interest of Fortnite players.

1) The Triple Llama

(Image via YouTube/Top5Gaming)

Fortnite folks might have already stumbled upon these item-bearing creatures. Having llamas roaming around in groups is certainly a first in the game since players are used to seeing only one in previous chapters.

No special tricks for it to spawn. Players will just have to look around while trying to eliminate other players until they come across these Llamas. Good luck looking for these fellas.

2) Whiplash

(Image via YouTube/Top5Gaming)

The Whiplash is one of the well-loved additions to the game due to the vehicle’s speed and looks. However, it looks like Epic has decommissioned this bad boy in Fortnite Chapter 4.

While it’s true that motorbikes are cool additions to the game, one can’t deny the fact that the Whiplash is the preferred ride by most Fortnite players. Who knows, Epic might reintroduce it in future contents of the game.

3) Cumulative damage numbers

(Image via YouTube/Top5Gaming)

Another small detail in Fortnite Chapter 4 is that the damage numbers are now cumulative. For the uninitiated, whenever players shoot at an opponent, it shows the damage numbers each bullet has inflicted.

Players may have already noticed this feature and it has yet to be seen if it will be well-received by the FNBR community. In line with this, there are also new hit markers in the game now.

4) Risky Reels is history

(Image via YouTube/Top5Gaming)

One of the most popular POIs within the game is Risky Reels. It has survived numerous map-changing events within the BR shooter, but not this time.

In Fortnite Chapter 4, Epic has removed the famous location. Fs in the chat boys. Nonetheless, there is a possibility that the game maker could reinstate this POI in upcoming seasons or in the next chapter of the game.

5) Rave Cave painting

(Image via YouTube/Top5Gaming)

The Rave Cave is a location within Fortnite BR that was introduced in Fortnite’s third season in Chapter 3. Players are well-acquainted with the painting that can be found within that area.To that end, the said painting can be found in the most unusual place within the map of Fortnite Chapter 4.

This can be located at the southeast portion of the map and it is underneath the ocean floor. It remains a mystery why it was placed there by the devs, but it could be hiding something.



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