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When Is the Next Fortnite Season? Season 4 Release Date Revealed

Chapter 3 – Season 4 is the next Fortnite season. Considering that Season 3 of the third chapter has been out for more than two months, many players are wondering when is the next Fortnite season. Fortunately, this is not a mystery!

Epic Games has already revealed the release date of Chapter 3 – Season 4. According to the video game developer, the next Fortnite season will begin on Sunday, September 18.

If you are falling behind on Chapter 3 – Season 3 challenges and you need to catch up, you have plenty of time to do so. The next Fortnite season is expected to be huge, and we will reveal everything you need to know about it.

Next Fortnite season is coming mid-September

As soon as the current season was released, Epic revealed when it ends. According to the game developer, the new season will start on September 18. This information can be found by opening the Battle Pass menu in the video game.

More specifically, Epic Games has revealed that Chapter 3 – Season 3 runs through September 17. However, considering that the Fortnite creator releases the last few seasons on Sunday, we can expect this to be the case for Chapter 3 – Season 4 as well.

next Fortnite season
Will next Fortnite season feature another Marvel Battle Pass? (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Season 4 of the first chapter was one of the best Fortnite seasons of all time. It had some very interesting gameplay elements, its storyline was great, and the Battle Pass was fantastic. Players still love the skins from this Battle Pass, including the Omega.

Chapter 2 – Season 4, on the other hand, was quite controversial as Epic Games decided to release a full Marvel Battle Pass in it. There are rumors that another Marvel Battle Pass might be release with the next Fortnite season, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

What theme will the next Fortnite season have?

The theme of the next Fortnite season hasn’t been revealed yet. However, Epic Games will most likely release one of the following four themes:

  • Marvel Battle Pass with new characters
  • The original storyline where The Foundation and Jonesy chase Geno
  • The Bloomwatcher storyline
  • The throwback season with time travel

Considering how big of an impact the Reality Tree has had so far in Chapter 3 – Season 3, we can expect the third theme to be released next. After all, the mysterious character, also known as the Bloomwatcher, seems to be controlling the tree, which is why this storyline makes the most sense.

Epic Games will most likely return to the original storyline at some point and players will see what happens with The Foundation and Geno, but that could happen at the end of the chapter.



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