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When Will Fortnite Servers Be Back? Everything You Need To Know

Fortnite servers were shut down unexpectedly on Monday, October 3. This happened around 10 hours before the scheduled update, which was very unusual.

It turned out that Epic Games decided to keep servers down due to an unexpected issue. The video game developer did not clarify what type of issue this was, but it must have been something serious.

With servers being down for a long time, many players don’t know when they will be back. However, we will reveal when Fortnite servers will come back in this article.

Fortnite servers will come back on Tuesday

Epic Games has just released the v22.10 update for Fortnite Battle Royale. This update would have been released during the downtime either way, which means that nothing is out of the ordinary at the moment.

As many players are aware, the Fortnite developer takes servers down during every major update. The new update brings a lot of new content, which is why servers have to go down.

Fortnite servers
Fortnite servers will be back on Tuesday (Image Credit: Epic Games)

As of 2 AM Eastern Time, Epic has released the v22.10 update on PC and it’s expected to be released to other platforms as well. Due to this, we expect servers to come back by 6 AM Eastern Time.

This information is based on what Epic Games has shared so far. There was an issue with Fortnite servers on Monday night, which is why they had to be taken down. However, the development team had more than 10 hours to fix the issue and everything is fine right now.

However, we have now entered the regular downtime that lasts for a couple of hours. Most downtimes end within an hour or two, so we could expect servers to come back as early as 4 AM Eastern Time.

Fortnite update
New Fortnite update has brought a lot of new content (Image Credit: Epic Games)

It appears that Epic Games has added a lot of new things to the game, including skins and cosmetics for the Fortnitemares 2022 event. This Fortnite Halloween event is expected to be huge and bring a lot of incredible things.

New Fortnite update brings new weapons

Epic Games has decided to bring two new weapons with the latest Fortnite Battle Royale update. These weapons were teased a few weeks ago and are finally out.

The first weapon is the Explosive Goo Gun, which was teased in the Chapter 3 – Season 4 trailer. The gun was used by The Paradigm at Herald’s Sanctum and players will now be able to use it.

Cobra DMR has finally been released to Fortnite (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Besides the Explosive Goo Gun, Epic Games has also released the Combra DMR. This weapon was first teased with the teaser of SypherPK’s skin and is a new version of the DMR.

The Cobra DMR comes in six different variants, including the Mythic. It has lower damage than the regular DMR, but it shoots faster and has more bullets in its magazine.

Lastly, Epic has brought Launch Pads back with the v22.10 update.



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