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You Can Get This Fortnite Pickaxe for Free, Here Is How

Epic Games has released another free item to Fortnite Battle Royale. This time, a beautiful sword pickaxe can be obtained for free.

The Fortnite developer released the new pickaxe as part of the Black Friday promotion. Due to this, the cosmetic item will be obtainable for free from Tuesday, November 22, to November 29.

This article will reveal how to obtain the new free cosmetic item. It will also reveal all the other information you need to know about it, so if you’re interested in obtaining the item, please keep scrolling.

Duelist’s Grace is a new free Fortnite pickaxe

The Duelist’s Grace pickaxe can be obtained from the Item Shop for a limited time. The process of obtaining the item is very simple and straightforward on a PC. Unfortunately, it’s more complicated on gaming consoles and mobile phones.

The pickaxe has been released as a new Epic Games Store promotion for Black Friday. Due to this, it’s part of a limited-time deal and can only be obtained by launching the game through the Epic Games launcher.

The new pickaxe can be obtained from the Item Shop (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Unfortunately, the Epic Games Launcher is only available on PC. However, if you play on a console or mobile phone, you can obtain the free Fortnite pickaxe by having your friend log in on a PC and get it for you.

This method works 100%, but you need to find someone you trust for it to work. Additionally, you have to make sure that your Epic Games account is properly linked to your console account. If you don’t like them, you will not be able to obtain the free cosmetic item.



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