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You Only Have 2 More Days To Get Free Fortnite Skins

Fortnite players can get three free skins at the moment, but they will expire very soon. In fact, if you are reading this and haven’t redeemed your free skins, you only have two more days to get them.

After this period, these skins will expire and will no longer be obtainable. Considering that these skins are exclusive as well, there is a good chance that Epic Games will never release them to the video game again.

In case you want to know how to obtain these skins, we’ve prepared a short and simple guide for you. We suggest you follow the steps below as soon as possible as the free skins will expire in less than 48 hours.

How to get free Fortnite skins

Fortnite downtime

Epic Games released three different Fortnite Battle Royale skins for free during the Winterfest 2022 event. Unfortunately, this event will completely end on Tuesday, January 3, which is why the free skins will no longer be obtainable.

Two skins, Arctic Adeline and Sled Ready Guff, can be obtained by visiting the Cozy Lodge.

To do this, interact with the snowflake in the main menu and visit the lodge. Once you are in the lodge, you will see 14 different presents. You will have to open a couple of them before you obtain the two skins.

In total, you will get 17 new free cosmetics from the lodge.


Getting the third free Fortnite skin is slightly more complicated for non-PC players. PC players can simply visit the Item Shop and get the Guff Gringle skin. However, everyone else needs to use a cloud gaming service to obtain the skin.

Here are the steps you need to take to get the skin on other gaming systems:

  • Sign up for Nvidia GeForce Now
  • Connect your Epic Games account to Fortnite inside the app
  • Launch Fortnite
  • Visit the Item Shop
  • Find the Guff Gringle skin and get it for free

If you are not sure how to do it, please visit this detailed guide we posted. Additionally, feel free to post a comment below and we will reply to you.



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